NFU General Assembly

Earlier this month NFU had its General Assembly of 2022. The assembly took place on the 15th of May, between 15-16:30.

It counted it the participation of several board members as well as the General Secretary from EADI.

The notes from the meeting can be found on the link below and contain what has been happening and what to look forward in the future with NFU.

General Assembly: EADI Participation

It is our pleasure to announce that our general assembly will count with the presence of European Association Development Research and Training Institutes General Secretary: Susanne von Itter.

She will talk about EADI and what the organization does, the relationship with NFU and the benefits of being connected with a broad network. Her participation will enrich our assembly and allow members to have an insight into a bigger organization and their workings. This is a great opportunity to learn more and connect with EADI.

For more information regarding EADI, you can access their website:

Our General Assembly be held on May 15th from 15:00-16:30 Norwegian time on Zoom.

You can access it through the link below:

NFU General Assembly 2022

Dear NFU members,

We would like to invite you to our General Assembly that will take place on May 15th of 2023.

The meeting will be held from 15:00-16:30 Norwegian time on Zoom.

You can access it through the link below:

Below is the agenda for the meeting:

1. Constitute meeting and approve agenda

  • Election of General Assembly Chair and two reporters
  • Approval of agenda

2. Board changes
3. Annual Report 2021-22
4. Annual plan and budget for 2023
5. EADI membership
6. Debate: Future seminars and conferences
7. Incoming business

For a more in-depth look of the report for NFU activites in 2022 and the meeting agenda, please look at the document below: