Citizen Initiatives: Change Makers for the SDGs?

On Thursday 20 and Friday 21 juni
ENABEL Conference Center, Brussels

The Sustainable Development Goals aim to leave no one behind but reaching these global goals is also everyone’s business… or are they some people’s business more than other’s? How can we value our participation in Agenda 2030?

This two day network conference sheds lights on the role of a little exposed player in the SDG agenda: ‘ordinary’ people involved in North-South cooperation, the so-called ‘citizen initiatives for global solidarity’. The conference starts from the finding that many European citizens are involved in cross border partnerships for international solidarity.

From different contexts and disciplines we will question the role of cross border citizen’s initiatives in reaching the sustainable development goals and discover some tools to help them value their activities.

Three angles

What is the role of citizen initiatives (CI’s) as partners of development in the south, as an actor of change in our own society and as opportunities to develop our personal experiences and competences? These are the three angles of approach on which we build this conference. What’s in for them? What’s in for us? And what is in it for me? And how can we provide an optimal framework of support to CI’s on these three angles

Network conference

The conference will create a platform for European networking among the participants. Therefore it will consist of interactive workshops, initiated by panels of experts. In this way the conference will offer a unique platform for exchanges between an international community of policy makers, practitioners, academics and representatives of citizen initiatives.


English will be the main language of the conference. Translation from English to French and vice versa will be provided for most of the sessions.

For more information and registration visit the conference website. Participation is free of charge.