Call for permanent panels at NFU conferences 2019 – 2021

Call for permanent panels at NFU conferences 2019-2021

Are you working on an exciting research theme within development studies? We invite established research groups and clusters to propose and take responsibility in organizing panels on a single, broad theme, for three years connected to the annual NFU conferences: The Norwegian development conference by NFU (2020) and the Nordic development conferences (2019, 2021).

The permanent panels intend to provide continuity in the themes and research groups represented at these conferences. This will enable the research groups to consolidate research networks around their theme, and other conference participants to get an opportunity to follow a theme develop over time. The panels should strive to make the geographical focus as broad as possible.

The 2019 Nordic conference will take place in Copenhagen in June 27-28, organized by University of Copenhagen and the Danish Association for development research. Call for papers will be launched in short time. The 2020 NFU conference by NFU is a joint conference with a partner (TBC). The 2021 Nordic conference will take place in Finland.

The permanent panels from 2016-2018 have been “Asian Transformations: Theories, Challenges, Opportunities”, “Food in a changing world”, “Power, Resistance, and Development in the Global South” and “What Works in Development?”. For more about the previous panels, please visit The panels have worked very well and provided a continuum in topical and scholarly interest. We would encourage all research environments, also those who have organized the permanent panels since 2016, to submit a proposal.

Please submit a brief concept note (150 words) on proposal for permanent panels. Up to four panels for a period of three years will be approved by the NFU board.

Please submit the proposal to (NFU Chair) within January 20, 2019, with copy to