Citizen Initiatives: Change Makers for the SDGs?

On Thursday 20 and Friday 21 juni
ENABEL Conference Center, Brussels

The Sustainable Development Goals aim to leave no one behind but reaching these global goals is also everyone’s business… or are they some people’s business more than other’s? How can we value our participation in Agenda 2030?

This two day network conference sheds lights on the role of a little exposed player in the SDG agenda: ‘ordinary’ people involved in North-South cooperation, the so-called ‘citizen initiatives for global solidarity’. The conference starts from the finding that many European citizens are involved in cross border partnerships for international solidarity.

From different contexts and disciplines we will question the role of cross border citizen’s initiatives in reaching the sustainable development goals and discover some tools to help them value their activities. Continue reading “Citizen Initiatives: Change Makers for the SDGs?”

The 5th Joint Nordev: Call for Working Groups and Panels

The 5th Joint Nordic Conference on Development Research (NorDev)
‘Knowledge Production in North-South Collaboration: Challenges in an Era of New Global Divides’
27-28th June 2019, Copenhagen

Call for working groups and panels

Asymmetric local and global power relations are on the rise. These include deepening divides between North and South. Politically, academically, socially and on a range of other fronts, Northern governments have increasingly returned to a narrow minded, self-oriented development path. Despite official rhetoric such as the SDGs and the Paris Declaration, the spirit and practice of solidarity is more remote than for years. Restrictions on academic movement, prioritization of North-centred issues and lack of interest in addressing key social and environmental challenges in the South are some of the worrying trends. However, divides and imbalances are not only observable between countries and regions, but emerging within societies across the planet. Elite projects and exclusivist populism are a global phenomenon and affect the well-being of people everywhere.

The 5th Joint Nordic Conference on Development Research aspires to address these trends and challenges through a format including keynote presentations, panels and working groups, roundtables and poster presentations, and to enable dialogue and networking between participants from all parts of the world. We welcome especially contributions that analyse and challenge global divides in the thematic areas of knowledge production; institutions of global governance; distribution of resources and wealth but also of risks; migration and climate change policies; or the formulation and implementation of the SDGs, to name but a few.

We invite proposals for working groups and panels. Each working group (section) consists of up to three panels. Each panel is planned for 90 minutes and should consist of 3-4 papers, a chair and a discussant. Working groups can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 papers. It is also possible to propose single panels, consisting of 3-4 paper givers or contributors. Panels may also be organised as roundtables or poster presentations.

Continue reading “The 5th Joint Nordev: Call for Working Groups and Panels”

Call for permanent panels at NFU conferences 2019 – 2021

Call for permanent panels at NFU conferences 2019-2021

Are you working on an exciting research theme within development studies? We invite established research groups and clusters to propose and take responsibility in organizing panels on a single, broad theme, for three years connected to the annual NFU conferences: The Norwegian development conference by NFU (2020) and the Nordic development conferences (2019, 2021).

The permanent panels intend to provide continuity in the themes and research groups represented at these conferences. This will enable the research groups to consolidate research networks around their theme, and other conference participants to get an opportunity to follow a theme develop over time. The panels should strive to make the geographical focus as broad as possible.

The 2019 Nordic conference will take place in Copenhagen in June 27-28, organized by University of Copenhagen and the Danish Association for development research. Call for papers will be launched in short time. The 2020 NFU conference by NFU is a joint conference with a partner (TBC). The 2021 Nordic conference will take place in Finland.

The permanent panels from 2016-2018 have been “Asian Transformations: Theories, Challenges, Opportunities”, “Food in a changing world”, “Power, Resistance, and Development in the Global South” and “What Works in Development?”. For more about the previous panels, please visit The panels have worked very well and provided a continuum in topical and scholarly interest. We would encourage all research environments, also those who have organized the permanent panels since 2016, to submit a proposal.

Please submit a brief concept note (150 words) on proposal for permanent panels. Up to four panels for a period of three years will be approved by the NFU board.

Please submit the proposal to (NFU Chair) within January 20, 2019, with copy to

NFU cordially invite all members to the General Assembly 2018, November 8

Dear NFU members,

We wish to welcome you for the annual general assembly meeting on the 8th November in connection to the VID/NFU seminar: “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Critical Role of Development Research”

We will meet right after the conference program finishes, at 5 pm, Diakonveien 14, room AU 17. Please find the tentative program below.

With falling membership numbers and limited funding opportunities for development research, we invite you all especially to contribute to the debate on discussing the future of NFU and partners in light of these difficulties and hopefully find good solutions to many more years of support to development-related networks and research communication.

Tentative program:

1. Constitute meeting and approve agenda

  • Election of General Assembly Chair and two reporters
  • Approval of agenda

2. NFU Annual Report 2018
3. Annual plan and budget for 2019
4. Board changes
5. Debate: What is the future of NFU?
6. Incoming business


Randi Solhjell
Chair, NFU
+4799233831 /

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Critical Role of Development Research, 8 November 2018 in Oslo

Together with VID Specialized University, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the NFU seminar “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Critical Role of Development Research” 8 November 2018 in Oslo.

The seminar combines panel and workshop sessions in order to provide debates as well as presentation and feedback on your research in smaller workshop groups. Here is the link to the updated seminar program and registration:
(For registration, click the “påmelding”-button).

The deadline for submitting a paper is October 25th, 2018.

Note that the NFU seminar is also the “fagdag” for the Justice Conference Norway, that will take place on November 9 (at Sentralen). Those who want to register for both November 8 and 9 – OR for the whole 5 ECTS course at VID  ( have to register before November 1st. Submissions of abstracts has an extended deadline: October 25th!

Here is a link to the Facebook event: Please help spread the invitation!

The location of the seminar will take place at VID, Diakonveien 14 ( 

We hope to see many of you there!

The seminar is organized by:






The seminar is the “fagdag” of Justice Conference Norway, which takes place November 9 (

FAU invites to their annual conference: A New Order for Development – State, Market or both?


After decades of state retrenchment and market expansions, the question remains whether there is still a role to play for state provision of welfare in developing countries? FAU will take up the tradition of informal, in-depth discussions among researchers, lecturers, practitioners and students in the tranquil surroundings of rural Djursland.

Download the program here: FAU Conference 29-31 August 2018 flyer









The Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU) invites to: FAU Seminar April 12-14, 2018

A New Order for Development – State, Market or both?

For most updated information, and prelimiary program:

Are Brexit, Trump, and the rise of nationalist parties and authoritarianism in many countries within the past 5 years signs of an emerging new order of development?

This is the topic of a 3-day seminar for development researchers, practitioners and students. The format of the seminar provides a rare opportunity to engage in more in-depth, interdisciplinary and direct discussions than is normally the case. It takes place in the tranquil surroundings of rural
Djursland and emphasizes informal interaction between international and Danish speakers and participants.

International scholars (Dirk Willem te Velde, ODI; and Olle Törnquist, UiO) will give plenary input while groups of committed scholars from different institutions convene the two workshops (1. The Private Sector and Financing the SDGs, and 2. Does the State still have a Role as Welfare Provider in Developing Countries?).

Through these debates, the seminar will address:
1. What do these changes mean for the global role of dominant powers and marginalized
regions in the south and elsewhere?
2. How have these changes affected development research and development programs and
projects as we have known them and what can we expect in the future?
3. To what extent are these changes part of larger trends of affecting states, markets, civil
societies and their interaction?

We thereby hope to address the challenges and opportunities of a possible new order of development especially issues of how and whom to finance, deliver and decide over growth and welfare. See the preliminary conference program below.

Dirk Willem te Velde is a Principal Research Fellow and head of the International Economic Development Group at Overseas Development Institute (ODI). He has worked on a number of themes relating to the private sector in development, state-business relations and more (read
more here: Olle Törnquist is Professor of Political Science at University of Oslo (UiO), Norway. He has worked on democracy and popular movements in developing countries, particular in Asia for many years (read more here:

Workshop 1 on ‘The Private Sector and Financing the SDGs’ is convened by: Lars Engberg-Pedersen, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Søren Jeppesen, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and Michael Wendelboe Hansen, CBS. (See detailed workshop program below)

Workshop 2 on ‘Does the State still have a Role as Welfare Provider in Developing Countries?’ is
convened by: Aase Mygind Madsen (VIA), and Martin Hvidt, University of Southern Denmark.

Participants interested in presenting a paper in the workshops are kindly requested to contact the conveners (see names and emails below).
Registration & Fees: Registration takes place in two steps; a) an email to the FAU Assistant ( including full name, name of institution, choice of workshop (1 or 2), and dietary requirements, if any, and b) payment of the registration fee (see the categories below) to the FAU bank account at: Danske Bank, SWIFT-code: DABADKKK; Registration-number: 1551; account-number 1651161. IBAN: DK143000-0001651161.

Only when the payment is registered, is the registration complete.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday 28 March 2018.

The participants’ fees covering full board during the seminar from Thursday 12th in the afternoonto Saturday 14 th at lunchtime and lodging. The fees are as follows:
– Students (Master and PhD): DKK 450/Euros 60 (if members of FAU. See fees below).
– Members of FAU: DKK 1400/Euros 200
– Non-members of FAU: DKK 2000/Euros 300
– Non-members can save a considerable amount by joining FAU, and thereby also enjoy the benefits of FAU membership:
– FAU Membership fees (annual): a) Students & Unemployed: 175 DKK/Euros 25, b) Ordinary members: 250 DKK/Euros 30, c) Family members: 300 DKK/Euros 40, and d) Institutions and organizations: 750 DKK/Euros 100. You can join FAU by emailing the FAU Assistant
( and pay the required membership fee into the FAU bank account (see above).

The venue:
The Djursvold Hostel, Gjerrild is situated at Dyrehavevej 9, Gjerrild, 8500 Grenaa. Accommodation will be in rooms with 2-4 persons. The buildings used to host the local railway station are located close to the sea and various local attractions. See more at:

Please note that participants are to arrange transport to and from the venue and cover the expenses of this.
Mark the dates (12-14 April 2018) and Join us at Djursvold!
See the preliminary conference program and the workshop programs below; Follow the updates on

EADi Panel at World Social Science Forum: Call for Papers

Special announcement: Calls for Papers

EADI Panel at World Social Science Forum, 25-28 Sep, Fukuoka, Japan

Our panel is entitled “Development Studies and Knowledge Production – Which Way? In search of a transdisciplinary and transformative (research) agenda on equality”. The Call for Papers is open until 17 March.
EADI Panel at Development Research Conference 2018, 22-23 August, Gothenburg

In collaboration with the EADI Working Group on “Post-/Decolonial Perspectives on Development”, EADI organises a panel titled “Rethinking Development Research: objects and subjects in development studies”. The Call for Papers is open until 23 February.

All interested researchers are invited to submit an abstract.

Do as your colleague, pay your NFU membership!

Dear NFU member,

We would like to thank you for being a member of The Norwegian Association for Development Research (NFU). Your membership is important, and it enables us to carry out and coordinate the work we do. We look back at the EADI Nordic conference successfully held in Bergen last summer, and we are now working to strengthen the Nordic connections and to secure a new cycle of Nordic conferences from 2019 onwards. Here is a list of all our past conferences:  Past NFU events

Please find the payment details for your membership fee 2018 below.

NFU was founded in 1983 and has since then worked to connect Norwegian development research communities. We have been a longstanding member of the the EADI (a network of 150 institutes in Europe), and also work working closer with the Nordic associations FAU (Denmark), FSDR (Finland), and Swedish research institutes.

The current NFU board consists of representatives across Norway; UiA, HVL, UiT, NTNU, Fafo, SUM, PHS and Noragric. More details about the board 2018 here:

In addition to supporting for a long standing development research association in Norway, here are some membership benefits:
– You receive newsletters about conferences, seminars and other important issues regarding development research
– Reduced prices to our conferences
– You receive a hard copy of Forum for Development Studies. To get the most out of your subscription we advice you to pay the membership fee at the beginning of the year. Routledge usually sends out the first issue in February, second in May, and last issue in October. If you have changed your postal address, or seem to not receive Forum regardless of having paid your membership, please contact our NFU coordinator:

Paying your membership fee
Many researchers get their NFU membership covered by their institutions. Ask if your department does so too! NB: It is important to state your name upon payment! If you have changed your postal address, also let the coordinator know (


Please register your name upon payment.

Membership fees 2018

Full membership/international membership: NOK490
Student membership/retired persons membership: NOK250

The membership fee is payable to account no. 0540 08 76225
Remember to state your name upon payment.

Welcome to the NFU General Assembly 2017

The general assembly takes place Tuesday, 12 Dec, from 16.00-18.00. The location is Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), C. J. Hambros plass 2, 0164 Oslo. 

Your participation and input to NFU is welcome!

The NFU Annual Report 2017 is to be found here: Annual-report-NFU-2017.

There is an event organized by the TaxCapDev Network going on at NUPI before our general assembly, called “Many Ways to Lose a Billion: Extractive Sector Revenue Loss in Africa”.

President and founder of Resources for Development Consluting, Don Hubert, visits NUPI for the occasion.

The event has a waiting list, so if you wish to attend it remember to register using the link below: