Seminar: Norwegian aid and trends in the Nordic region – aid cuts and vested interests?

NUPI invites to a breakfast seminar to be held on February 9th at 9:00 about Norwegian aid policies and trends in the Nordics.

The event is being organized in cooperation with the release of a special publication of the journal Forum For Development Studies, which focuses on trends, similarities and differents in Nordic development aid.

There will be speakers from different organizations, such as ReddBarna, NUPI, Norad, CMI, Foreign Affairs Department and Expert Group for Aid Studies, which will provide the perspective from academia, government and NGOs in this important issue.

One of the key themes of the seminar will be the reduced aid from Norway and the use of aid resources being redirected to Ukraine and ukrainians refugees.

The seminar is a hybrid event, registration is required for those attending physically, but not to watch it online. The seminar will be held in Norwegian.

For more information about the event and to register for it, please follow the link below:

Image by Freepik